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Rubber stamps mark a seal of aunthenticity, COLOP Rubber Stamps in Zimbabwe is the leading manufacturer of company stamps and rubber stamp devices in Harare. Our original seal presses and rubber stamps devices are imported from Colop Marking Solutions in Austria and we are the official partner in Zimbabwe. Colop manufatures self-inking rubber stamps and date stamps mainly used for company rubber stamps, commissioner of oaths rubber stamps, immigration and customs stamps. We also make original Trodat rubber stamps in Zimbabwe and Shiny rubber stamps in Zimbabwe, including simple stamps like Paid and Posted rubber stamps.

Colop Zimbabwe is your best rubber stamp solution provider.

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Colop printer standard rubber stamps

Printer Standard

the COLOP bestseller

Colop printer 55 dater
Colop printer C60
Colop printer R17
Colop printer t 45
Colop EOS line rubber stamps

EOS Line

modern Flash stamp range

Colop eos 55
Colop eos pocket 30
Colop eos r17
Colop eos r30

Heavy duty stamps

Strong metal construction reliable for every use, the Expert Line, Classic Line and Office Line provide the perfect rubber stamp impression for every conceivable need.

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Embossing presses and rubber stamps

Lists of our best selling embossing presses and rubber stamps

Rubber stamps

  • Self-inking Stamps
  • Date Stamps

Embossing presses

  • Seals
  • Water marks

Colop Zimbabwe

Rubber stamping secures business documents in Zimbabwe. Colop makes rubber stamps with security features that are very difficult to counterfeit.

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